1928-S PEACE $1 MS65

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1928 marked by innovation and creativity, the United States witnessed several notable developments that would leave a lasting impression on both American culture and daily life. A whimsical yet significant invention of the year was bubble gum, created by Walter E. Diemer, an accountant at the Fleer Chewing Gum Company. Diemer's accidental invention quickly became a beloved treat for both children and adults, characterized by its distinctive pink color, which was a result of the only available dye at the time. This playful and iconic confection would go on to become a symbol of American pop culture and a staple in candy aisles across the world. In the realm of entertainment, 1928 was a landmark year with the debut of Mickey Mouse in ""Steamboat Willie."" This animated short film by Walt Disney, featuring synchronized sound, was a pioneering achievement in the animation industry. Mickey Mouse, with his charming and spirited personality, rapidly rose to international fame, becoming an enduring icon of Disney and a beloved character in the hearts of millions worldwide. The year also saw significant advancements in medical technology with the invention of the iron lung by Philip Drinker and Louis Shaw. This life-saving device was crucial for patients suffering from respiratory illnesses and represented a major leap forward in medical care. The iron lung was a key piece of medical equipment until more modern ventilators were developed, underscoring the importance of innovation in healthcare. Additionally, 1928 marked the introduction of sliced bread, sold for the first time by the Chillicothe Baking Company of Chillicothe, Missouri. The invention of the bread-slicing machine by Otto Frederick Rohwedder led to the popular saying ""the best thing since sliced bread,"" aptly describing this convenience that revolutionized the way people consumed bread. Sliced bread quickly became a standard in households across America, epitomizing the country's penchant for practical and simple innovations that significantly enhance everyday life. Together, these developments highlight a year of delightful and meaningful progress in American history. They reflect a nation thriving in the realms of entertainment, medical innovation, and everyday conveniences, each in its own way enhancing the American experience and leaving a memorable impact on society.
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